Thank you for choosing Prospect Financial Group. Before we begin, we will need to get to know you and your financial situation in detail. To try to simplify this process, we have provided some simple steps for getting started below:

      1. Review our Firm Brochure and sign our engagement letter.
      2. Schedule an initial 1-2 hour meeting with us.
      3. Complete the new client questionnaire.
      4. Accept the invitation to register for our client portal and complete set up by doing the following:
        • Complete the onboarding exercise on your priorities and goal.
        • Add your financial accounts, including bank, investment, retirement, education, credit card, mortgage, loan, and insurance
        • Share full spending data with us by changing your privacy settings on the client portal (optional)
      5. Provide us with the following documents in person or by uploading them to the Shared folder on the document vault:

        Investment Planning

        • Statements for all brokerage/retirement accounts to be transferred to TD Ameritrade
        • Statements for all investment/retirement accounts not set up in the client portal
        • Participant Fee Disclosure or list of investment options in 401(k) or other retirement plans

        Retirement Planning

        • Federal and state tax returns
        • Recent paystub(s)
        • Income/Expense report from Quicken/ (if used)
        • Plan Summary Document for 401(k) or details on matching/employer automatic contributions
        • Grant schedule for Employer Stock Options/Restricted Stock Units
        • Recent social security statement(s) (available for download on the Social Security website after logging in or creating an account)

        Insurance/Estate Planning

        • Copies of life insurance and long-term disability policies
        • Copies of estate planning documents (eg, wills, trusts, instructions for titling/naming beneficiaries)
        • Brochures/policy specimens for employer benefits including Life Insurance, Long-Term Disability Insurance, Health Savings Account, Flexible Spending Account, and Employer Stock Purchase Plan
      6. Complete investment account paperwork to be provided after we receive your new client questionnaire.
      7. Connect your 401(k) or any other retirement/investment accounts that we will manage but that will not be transferred to TD Ameritrade.