Integrated Investment Management and Financial Planning

Prospect Financial Group LLC does far more than targeting a good return on a single investment account. We develop comprehensive financial strategies that help our clients accomplish their retirement, education, major purchase, and estate planning goals. For each of your financial goals, we manage an investment portfolio designed to maximize your chances of success, taking taxes and cash flow needs into consideration.

Holistic Approach

We do not specialize in specific financial products or limit our advice to assets under our direct supervision. In fact, we look at each client’s entire financial picture in order to recommend the best solution for each one. Our investment portfolios are structured around specific financial goals, rather than accounts or custodians, and often include assets in employer-sponsored retirement plans or assets that are not under our direct management.

Customized Solutions

Our boutique size allows us to provide highly customized advice in the same way that larger firms provide only to their ultra-high net worth clients. We are committed to recommending the best solution for each client, regardless of the effort and skill required. Our investment portfolios are not cookie cutter portfolios. In order to provide the best expected after-tax return, we develop custom portfolios based on each client’s target risk level, cash flows, employer-provided investment options, and unique mix of tax-deferred and taxable accounts.

Fee Only, Objective Advice

Prospect Financial Group LLC is an independent, fee-based advisor. Unlike brokers, we do not earn commissions for the purchase of financial products. Although we have many relationships to assist clients in implementing their goals, we always encourage our clients to pursue the best and most cost-effective solutions and will work with any advisors you choose. We frequently manage employer-sponsored retirement accounts and have invested in technology that allows us to manage your investment assets regardless of where they are held.

Transparent Performance Reporting

Unlike investment reports that simply show portfolio value and return, our performance reports dissect your portfolio and show how it has performed in light of its risk profile and recent market trends. Each quarter we compare your portfolio performance to an appropriate benchmark that is constructed based on the portfolio’s unique asset allocation. We analyze the composition of your portfolio in depth to identify the underlying drivers of performance, such as asset allocation drifts, sector concentrations, regional exposure, or security-level bets. We then dive down further to compare the performance of every investment manager to its peers and relevant benchmarks.

Personalized Service and Support

An Investment Policy Statement and Financial Plan must be executed well in order to succeed. For that reason, we meet regularly to review the performance of your investments, and are readily available by fax, phone, and e-mail. Because our clients lead busy lives, we are not restricted to regular business hours and can schedule meetings on weekends, evenings, or early mornings to accommodate your schedule. Although some clients like to remain involved, we help our clients with as many of the execution details as they choose, from placing trades to completing applications. We will work closely with your existing financial advisors and, when appropriate, may refer you to insurance brokers, mortgage lenders, tax advisors and trust and estate attorneys.