Prospect Financial Group LLC is a financial services firm providing investment management and financal planning services to clients in and outside the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.  We are a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) in Virginia and California but work with clients across the country on a virtual basis.


Why Choose Prospect Financial Group?

Prospect Financial Group LLC is a fiduciary and fee-only advisor.  We are committed and legally obligated to make recommendations in your best interest and avoid conflicts of interest.  Unlike brokers, we do not earn commissions for the purchase of financial products.  We will work with any professionals you choose and do not receive compensation for any referrals.

Down markets are inevitable.  It can be very difficult to sleep at night without knowing whether your portfolio can make it through these difficult times.  Short-term performance matters little as long as your portfolio can withstand both good times and bad.  We not only manage your investments but also develop comprehensive financial plans to provide you with peace of mind that can achieve your long-term goals and financial security.

We do not specialize in specific financial products or focus on a single aspect of your financial situation.  We develop comprehensive financial plans that look at your entire financial picture, including assets not under our management, such as stock options and real estate.

Most advisors implement the same cookie cutter model portfolio in every account and only manage accounts held at their custodian.  We manage custom portfolios that may span several accounts, including 401(k)s and other accounts not held at our custodian.  This customized approach is more difficult for us to manage but is in our clients' best interest.  Clients can keep assets in 401(k) plans if they benefit from doing so and invest in only the best investments within plans with limited selection.  Clients rarely, if ever, pay taxes to transition to our services or to rebalance.  And, the way that we structure client portfolio's for tax efficiency save taxes on investment income.

Our background is in engineering and business analytics. We do not rely on simple rules of thumb and think that most questions can only be answered correctly with the aid of detailed analysis or research. We welcome complex planning and regularly review financial journals to inform our strategies. The Dimensional Funds used in our client portfolios weight stocks based on factors that have been proven by research to outperform over time and across markets.

We use third party custodians and have no hidden fees.  We avoid complicated and opaque products.  And, we provide you with quarterly reports that compare your performance to a benchmark that is constructed based on your portfolio's unique asset allocation.  

Most of our clients lead busy lives and live outside the Washington, D.C. area.  We believe in doing whatever it takes to help our clients.   We are readily available by phone and e-mail and willing to meet as regularly as our clients would like.  We are not restricted to regular business hours and can schedule meetings on weekends, evenings, or early mornings to accommodate your schedule.  We help with the nitty gritty implementation details from completing applications to working closely with their CPAs, attorneys, or other professionals. And, we regularly work with clients outside the Washington, D.C. area in a virtual manner using our client portal, web meetings, phone and e-mail.